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Free Service Call and Free Labor

Do you know anyone that needs an APPLIANCE REPAIR? We are giving away, one SERVICE CALL with FREE LABOR monthly, nominate someone today. It is easy just text us the details. Please share with a bishop, or minister, or anyone that might know someone in need. Call or Text 480.440.7234

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Why only a $50 Service Call?

Surely we could command a higher service call fee. We have a expertize, experience, and a customer base to demand a higher rate. So what stops us from charging top dollar? Simple, first we respect the our customers and don’t want to gouge them. Second, it lowers our clients risk. When calling a service technician…

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Refrigerator Repairs

We repair when it makes sense. Many times we can repair, and replace parts, to length the lifespan of your Refrigerator.  Here are a few things that you can do to maintain and prolong the life of your Refrigerator and Freezer. To begin with, like most things, start with keeping it clean. The most important things…

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Family Owned and Operated

Family Owned and Operated Hi! Here at A To Z Appliance Repair we are family owned and operated. Leonard Mullen runs all the service calls and you can directly talk to him about your appliance repairs. I Christy Mullen, run the business side. We are a pretty good team. When we got started, we felt…

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Haier Recalls Top-Freezer Refrigerators An electrical component can short-circuit and create a potential fire hazard

        Haier Recalls Top-Freezer Refrigerators An electrical component can short-circuit and create a potential fire hazard. Haier has recalled about 137,000 top-freezer refrigerators because of a potential fire hazard. An electrical component inside the refrigerator has been found to short-circuit, which could lead to a fire. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has…

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Garbage Disposals Installation

        A To Z Appliance Repair Installs Garbage Disposals Just Call and we will come running! We bring everything with us and one call and one appointment and your done! We can pick up exactly what you want it is so easy when you call A To Z Appliance Repair.    …

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Dryer Repair in San Tan Valley AZ

          Dryer Repairs in San Tan Valley Dryer Repairs Let us talk about Dryers Dryer taking TOOO long to dry… What do we do about that.  First clean the venting system often it is blocked or clogged. This could cause damage to the thermo-fuse and start dryer fires. Dangerous!!! Cleaning the…

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Timeliness and Customer Service

      A To Z Appliance Repair Timeliness and Customer Service is what you can expect with us.   ” I was completely blown away by the customer service and willingness to help me out. I am very satisfied.” Heather Taylor Call or Text 480-440-7234

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